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Where the trails have taken me (and my cameras)

39.  Early Morning On New Year's Eve

Welcome to my website!

I was born about 24 miles outside the western entrance to Glacier National Park, and inherited my love of photography and the national parks from Dad, a photographer who captured amazing black & white images of the Montana landscape with his Mamiya twin lens camera.  My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic given to me  one Christmas while I was in elementary school.  I purchased my first film SLR  (a Pentax) while in high school.  I had heard whispers of something called a "digital" camera and my first thought was "why on earth would anybody want a digital camera??"  Then, I purchased my own digital camera (a HP-brand 2MP point-and-shoot) in 1998.  After that, I  never looked back to film.

My photography has been the instrument to meeting and working for some interesting people and organizations.  While living in southeast Texas, I was the staff photographer for the Merchant Prince, a vendor at the Texas Renaissance Festival. I've photographed weddings, portraits, groups, families, events, and portfolios.

Since 2012, I've been a contributing writer and photographer for the National Parks Traveler , producing a monthly “Photography In The National Parks” column, as well as a series of “Armchair Photography Guides” and 3-day photographic itineraries to national parks I've  visited. I currently maintain and post to the Traveler's own Instagram account @national_parks_traveler. Come follow us!

I've always loved to travel, and have visited and photographed in many national parks and other locales. In 2018, I moved lock, stock and tripod from Texas to return to the Pacific Northwest.

Most of my photography on this website is for sale, with the exception of some galleries which are simply here to show you the quality and style of my work.  Those galleries will not have a "buy" icon, which should help you determine whether or not you may purchase anything in that gallery. Whenever you make a purchase, be assurred that the watermark you see on the photos will be removed.

My website uses Bay Photo Print Lab and I can personally attest to the quality of the lab's work. I offer a wide variety of size and print choices (including metal prints) as well as other merchandise options such as calendars, journals, weekly planners and other items. Just click the tabs on my home page to see what I currently offer.

Have a look around my galleries to see my work and perhaps purchase an image or two to hang on your wall at home or at your office. Click on the menu options to visit my photographic blog site, my Facebook photography page, the National Parks Traveler site, or to contact me and say "hi."

Thanks again for visiting my site!  Here's to hoping the trails you take lead you to incredible vistas and plenty of adventures!   

Rebecca L. Latson
Where The Trails Take You Photography, LLC

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